Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amariah Couture & Calendar Models of SL | Treet TV

I was so excited about my first fashion show, it was even better because I was sharing the show with my good friend and fellow MODA model Kimber Kassner!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Things at Cheeralicious!

If you haven't been by Cheeralicious lately you should check it out, a new store build and lots of new items! We've got new cheerleading uniforms, cheerleading practice gear, cheerleading pom-poms, cheerleading shoes, and more! Lots of colors and yes I paid attention to the various groups in SL that have cheerleaders, I'm sure I've got your colors covered!

Here is our latest uniform release!

Don't forget about the gestures! These are totally fun while you are hanging out with your cheerleader friends! (Take it from an SL cheerleader! We all love to play these back and forth! Poke Amariah Francis with an IM inworld, and I'll demonstrate them, seriously fun!)

And ... as always I take custom orders for your squad! Just drop me a NC with the details of what you need and I'll get back with you!

Amariah Francis
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Monday, September 13, 2010

60L Monday! For Whit Dresses!

AMARIAH Haute Couture
60L WEEKEND extended till MONDAY! WOOOT!

I was out on RL vacation for the weekend and I totally forgot to send out notices and post this to my blog. So my blunder is your gain, I am keeping the Whit Dress on sale for Monday, too! Until Monday midnight!

Now go get one!
AMARIAH Haute Couture

Friday, September 3, 2010

60L Weekends Sale on Missy Skin Line!

AMARIAH Haute Couture

All Missy Skins have been marked down to 60L each. Sale starts now and goes until Sunday midnight. All the packs with missy skins have also been marked down to reflect the sale prices!

AMARIAH Haute Couture

Thursday, August 26, 2010

60L Weekends Sale!

AMARIAH Haute Couture is participating in 60L Weekends this weekend. Sale starts Friday night! Don't forget to stop by and pick up this beautiful dress marked down to 60L from 250L.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Release! Monarch Butterfly Dress! Hand drawn textures!

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This is my newest release, the Monarch Butterfly Dress. This dress is simply stunning, I got several comments walking around in this dress before it was released. The textures on this dress are hand drawn, rhinestones sparkle against the recognizable monarch butterfly pattern. Here's a closer look!

This dress is a "MUST SEE" it looks much better when on than any of the images can capture!

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As some have noticed, this dress is influenced by Luly Wang. I do want to repeat that no images were stolen in the creation of this dress, they are all hand drawn down to the small little rhinestone dots. Furthermore, I'm not the only person to have been inspired by this lovely RL design, Vindi Vindaloo was as well.
I think that both SL versions are beautiful as obviously so is the RL version. My version is different in the length, cut, back-side, feather type, and pattern; this is a derivative version and nothing more.

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Location and New Releases!

Amariah Haute Couture has moved to a new location on Cheertopia Island! To celebrate our new location I've released several new items!

First is the Sweetie Sundress, shown above, it comes with a cute straw hat with feathers! Definitely a summer staple, great for a date or a walk along the beach.

Next is the Origami dress, this was inspired by a dress that Lady Gaga has been seen wearing. I've given it an SL twist with soft glow features and flexi ribbons added. It's really a stunning dress with an awesome silhouette! It is available in 4 colors and comes with both glowing and non-glowing options, all with sizer scripts to make sizing a snap! Shown below in blue and black! This is definitely a dress that shows off your uniqueness!

Next is a line of rushed tights that comes in 4 colors and a marabou feather shrug! Wear the shrug over a shirt or on it's own for a bold look! Tights shown below in black paired with the marabou shrug and simple heels.

Take this limo to Amariah Haute Couture and find something fabulous!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

SLCS Cheerleaders Winter Wonderland 9am-9pm Saturday!

The SLCS Cheerleaders are beating the Winter Blues today with a Winter Wonderland event! The event includes lots of fun activities! Come and go ice skating on our large special rink! Don't worry we've got ice skates for sale and ice skating outfits too! As well as some freebies! Challenge your friends to a snowball fight! We've got 3 forts set up for teams! Climb the large sculpted mountain! Or sled down it and all around on one of the traditional red colored sleds we've place out for you. Make a snow angel, ride on the icy tea cups, or swing on the candy sleds! Or sip hot chocolate while meeting new friends! Also, lots of shopping! Stock up on winter wear, Christmas Decorations, Winter Landscaping, and more! There's no shortage of things to do and it all set in pretty scenery!

The SLCS Cheerleaders will be performing at 2pm!

Here's the Landmark!
Winter Wonderland

Saturday, December 5, 2009

MODA Winter Showcase Today Saturday Featuring *OC* an Leezu!

It's that time of the year again, where we get all warm and fuzzy, and congratulate our wonderful models who are graduating! We would like to introduce to you:

Aealla Illyar
Kathy Nikolaidis
Kyllion Karas
Sarahelisabeth Brenham

The rest of our fab crew for the show are:

Amariah Francis
IndigoSky Escape
Love Kawaguichi
Mia Sanchez

Our newest graduates from MODA Modeling School will be putting on an awesome showcase featuring clothing from Leezu and *OC*! This is going to be one of the hottest shows in December and we don't want you to miss it. Best of all, it's being DJ'ed and announced by DJ/Model Harlee Lane!

The show begins at 11AM SLT, on Saturday December 5th, 2009. We would love to have you here to celebrate our new graduates and great fashion.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ok, I'm hooked!

I saw a blog posting for some SL contest for designer scarves and followed the link of the picture in the blog to Looklet. OMGosh, I am soooo hooked, 4 hours flew by while I created several looks. I totally LOVE that website! It only figures that the skirt I wanted to buy is no available at any of the designer's websites listed, and plus everything is in like German or something, LOL, I may make it for SL though! Woot!

Here's my plea to all those smart coders on SL . . . . Please please pretty please build a hud that made dressing our avatars this easy! Could you imagine dressing your avatar like that? Mixing and matching would be so much easier and things wouldn't get lost in your inventory! Ahhh it will remain my dream as I'm sure a hud like this would be pretty complicated and maybe even impossible ... but one can hope right? I'm sure a hud like that would sell to any model, designer, whoever! You could make millions! (yes, I am trying to be persuasive)

Go check out this site, and while you're there, check out my page! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Release! Just in time for the 4th of July! Modern Martha Gown Set!

Stand out under the fireworks in this gorgeous dress! A French silhouette combined with American colors and symbols and a sexy corset top, this dress is a twist between Martha Washington, Marie Antoinette, and the modern woman. This gown set has been created with attention to the smallest detail. It has 4 skirt options made with realistic looking draping fabric and an attachable corset piece, also an option for the bow and medal without the corset piece. This isn't your typical patriotic outfit in SL, wear this to a 4th of July celebration and stand out as a classy sophisticated and sexy woman.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Release! Ruffle Whit Dress!

Sorry everyone, I'm getting behind on my blogging. Anyway, here's a new release, I'm still working on releasing the hippie style top I wore in that last episode of "I Wanna Be a Celebrity," plan of several colors of that.

ALSO, I'm working on a gown for 4th of July, honestly I'm tired of the over-sexed look of most of the Independence Day wear available in SL, so I am making a gorgeous gown for all of us fashionistas that want to be the belle under the fireworks of the 4th. :) Oh and several skirt options come with it.

Ok so here is my newest release, called Whit. Ok, yes it's been available in my store for a couple weeks I admit, but it's kinda hidden because you buy it from the large poster and not a dress that is hanging.

Now before some of you get your panties in a bunch, lol, it's a Diane Von knock-off. All credit for the design goes to her. I wanted to bring this into SL for MYSELF, and not sell it, just walk around in it like the Diva I am. But I was begged to make it available, so well, now it is! It's called Whit after Whitney on MTv's "The City," she wears a different version of this dress on an episode.

ALSO, I've made packs for the other dresses etc in my store available, just buy them from the larger posters and get all the colors for a "bulk" price. AND my skins and bodies are still on sale! I seriously get joy out of people having my items and liking them, so I'm gonna keep the price down for awhile, maybe forever, idk. :)

Note to Flickrites and bloggers: PLEASE PLEASE send me an IM inworld if you've used a product of mine in a pic of yours or blogged it (if you have time). I LOVE seeing how you guys style my stuff.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Releases! New Dollarbie! A SALE! And a coming soon!

NEW release #1!

This is Absinthe, named after the green fairy, because it is delicate looking and flutters gracefully in the wind as you walk. It comes in 6 beautiful colors, shown above is a light green and navy blue. This dress also comes with 2 skirt options a tiered ruffle (shown in blue) and an asymmetrical version (shown in green). Comes in pink, purple, black, red, navy blue and green.

NEW release #2!

Next, I've added two new uniforms to Cheeralicious! Both are influenced by Saturday Night Live's famous and lovable Spartan cheerleaders! Available in both the male, Greg, version and the female, Arianna version. Uniforms come complete with basic tennis shoes.


I've also added a new dollarbie to the store and a whole new dollarbie section I plan on filling up! Terri is the newest addition to that area, it is a strapless pink ribbed terri cloth minidress!


The Missy skins and bodies are for sale for ALLOT less than they were! Skins are marked down to $120L each and the megapack with all of them is only $600! With this pricing you can get the entire pack for LESS than the regular price of one! The body pack is only $100L and includes 9 different full mod body shapes, this is a steal! The skin and body pack is now only $645! I'm not sure how long I'll keep these marked down this low, so if you like them get them now.

COMING SOON, sneak peak!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Wanna Be a Celebrity- Episode 3 aires

This was the first episode where we saw someone leave from a challenge. This elimination was so difficult! We all were so sad!

Watch it in larger format here.