Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Release! Ruffle Whit Dress!

Sorry everyone, I'm getting behind on my blogging. Anyway, here's a new release, I'm still working on releasing the hippie style top I wore in that last episode of "I Wanna Be a Celebrity," plan of several colors of that.

ALSO, I'm working on a gown for 4th of July, honestly I'm tired of the over-sexed look of most of the Independence Day wear available in SL, so I am making a gorgeous gown for all of us fashionistas that want to be the belle under the fireworks of the 4th. :) Oh and several skirt options come with it.

Ok so here is my newest release, called Whit. Ok, yes it's been available in my store for a couple weeks I admit, but it's kinda hidden because you buy it from the large poster and not a dress that is hanging.

Now before some of you get your panties in a bunch, lol, it's a Diane Von knock-off. All credit for the design goes to her. I wanted to bring this into SL for MYSELF, and not sell it, just walk around in it like the Diva I am. But I was begged to make it available, so well, now it is! It's called Whit after Whitney on MTv's "The City," she wears a different version of this dress on an episode.

ALSO, I've made packs for the other dresses etc in my store available, just buy them from the larger posters and get all the colors for a "bulk" price. AND my skins and bodies are still on sale! I seriously get joy out of people having my items and liking them, so I'm gonna keep the price down for awhile, maybe forever, idk. :)

Note to Flickrites and bloggers: PLEASE PLEASE send me an IM inworld if you've used a product of mine in a pic of yours or blogged it (if you have time). I LOVE seeing how you guys style my stuff.

TELEPORT! Amariah Houte Couture

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