Sunday, December 13, 2009

SLCS Cheerleaders Winter Wonderland 9am-9pm Saturday!

The SLCS Cheerleaders are beating the Winter Blues today with a Winter Wonderland event! The event includes lots of fun activities! Come and go ice skating on our large special rink! Don't worry we've got ice skates for sale and ice skating outfits too! As well as some freebies! Challenge your friends to a snowball fight! We've got 3 forts set up for teams! Climb the large sculpted mountain! Or sled down it and all around on one of the traditional red colored sleds we've place out for you. Make a snow angel, ride on the icy tea cups, or swing on the candy sleds! Or sip hot chocolate while meeting new friends! Also, lots of shopping! Stock up on winter wear, Christmas Decorations, Winter Landscaping, and more! There's no shortage of things to do and it all set in pretty scenery!

The SLCS Cheerleaders will be performing at 2pm!

Here's the Landmark!
Winter Wonderland

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