Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Release! Cemi Dress, A Modern Take on Classic Tweed

Hello fellow fashionistas! Another new release, I must be on a roll. This one is a modernized sexified version of classic tweed.
It's short and sexy but still holds it's classy look. This is all hand-drawn by moi. I'm really proud of this one ladies, I created it for me to wear to the first episode taping of "I Wanna Be A Celebrity." At this point we aren't allow to talk in specifics about the show, just like a RL reality show, so you'll just have to wait in anticipation for the show to air. :) I love how this dress makes me look long and lean! Gotta love that!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Wanna Be a Celebrity

Getting noticed in the eminence world of Second Life is difficult! The Ms Second Life pageant held by Alady and Pulse Skins was the first contest in Second Life that I entered, and having come in as 1st Runner Up was a definite honor and I think I've been bitten by the contest bug. I'm very selective on what contests I enter, I hate those voting contests. That's just me, the idea of bothering my friends on a daily basis to vote makes me nauseous. Those contests are won, not by who has the best photo or the most talent, but who has the most friends or alts or bots that voted for them and winning means little to nothing, well in my opinion. So anyway, I keep my eye out for new contests, by reading blogs, paying attention to group notices, and reading SL magazines. One such contest got my attention, Metaverse TV's new inworld reality series, "I Wanna Be a Celebrity."

After reading about this contest both on the Avenue blog and on the Official Show website, I decided this was a contest that was worth entering for several reasons. Not only am I a HUGE fan of Phaylen Fairchild's series DIVAs, it was also an opportunity to get my name in front of one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in Second Life, plus it just sounded fun, interesting, and challenging (I love a challenge)! So I entered by submitting a headshot and notecard with some carefully answered questions, and hoped for the best. I also made a friend in the application room Chance Greatrex, BONUS!

After waiting what seemed like forever, I got the IM that I had made it in the top 15! Woot! Chance made it, too! Double woot! So now we are awaiting face to face interviews to see if we make the cut and are selected as the 6 that will compete on the show. Oh my gosh, I know I'll be nervous! I already am, but also very excited at the same time!

Look for my headshot on the promo, this is the photo I used! Wish me luck!

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Release! Black Diamond Classic Grey Satin Dress

I'm so excited to release this dress. It has been forever since I released an outfit that wasn't a cheerleading uniform, since last summer actually! This dress has a satiny texture, and simple classic lines. The belt on this dress is absolutely gorgeous if I must say so myself! The jewels are multilayer sculptie prims, just the belt alone makes this outfit worth it. It's also copy/mod so you can wear it as a hair piece or pin if you wanted. Check it out:

SLURL: Amariah Store

Friday, February 6, 2009

What's in a Name?

I was reading the fashionplanet blog today and the post by Feles Seitan really struck a cord with me. The skin she was reviewing was absolutely beautiful but what caught me was her comment about her RL name, she says, "I have a boring name RL, don’t ask me, and was secretly jealous of girls who had unique names." I totally understand what she is talking about! I have the most common first name for the year I was born, and it continued to be the most popular or in the top 5 for years after. My maiden last name is also the 2nd most common in the US, so my RL maiden name was definitely boring and un-unique, not only that but I have met 4 people in my lifetime that shared my first AND last name, as well as someone famous. It's no wonder I married a guy that has a very unique last name, no one can pronounce it or spell it, which I secretly love.

This brings me to the subject of SL names.
When I first discovered SL over 2 years ago I'm not sure how long it took me to choose my name, but I knew I wanted it to be unique. Sometimes in RL people call me Mariah, like Mariah Carey, because I can sing and back in the 90s I had full long curly hair like hers. But I wanted something special, so I added the "A," Awe-muh-rye-ah . . . rolls off the tongue like butta, doesn't it? Francis? Well, I just picked one from the list that seemed to sound good after it.

Names in SL crack me up, I have a friend that has the longest name ever. I'm not going to write it here but I've seen this technique used by others. The technique is to make your name be a conglomeration of everything you love, like this: Kittenglitterstarberry Fox. Now this technique can end up with an undoubtedly unique name but I'm not sure it's ideal. I mean, who is going to type all that in when they say hi to you, you'll probably end up going by a nickname, which isn't bad allot of people call me Am or Ama. I see others with risque names and some downright offensive. I guess it really all depends on your personality and what you plan to do in SL. I've been (somewhat) paying attention to the modeling world and I find that models with simple elegant names are the ones that are the most successful, so if that is your goal, keep this in mind. And if you mess up the first time around? No biggie, just create an alt! :)

Tip! If you find yourself not knowing what to name your avie or your alt, here's a great article that will help:

Picture Info:
Swimsuit: Boho Beach Babe, by Nicanor Millions
Hair: 69, Still
Shoes: Beige Real Toe Wedge Sandals, by J's Main Shop
Pose: Zeb&Sly Sit Z14

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amariah Showing Fierce Model Moves

The idea behind this modeling music video is this. I love the catwalk and feel on top of the world. Walking smooth and composed, while my insides are dancing. Check it out!

Watch in High Def for all the pretty details!
Introducing Second Life Model: Amariah Francis
Details about the items used in the video are listed below, in the order they appear.

Black gown: Theresa Black gown, by Clio Cardiff
Necklace: Belle Amie, Your Heart in Mine, by Zanza Marx
Earings: Gift bling earings, by JCNY
Ring: Geneva Marquise, by JCNY
Hair: MADesigns Hair, Alex, by Maddox Dupont
Pose: SP_Sarah Jessica Parker_7 Pose (Striking Poses)

Leezu HansSolo Outfit, by Leezu Baxtor
Hair: Amy Jane in Dune, TRUTH
Shoes: Charlotte Black Low Boots, by INSOLENCE
Cane: Grandma Glitter Class cane, by Baiastice
Pose: 131-BB- standingstatic Pose (Baiastice)

Swimsuit: Boho Beach Babe, by Nicanor Millions
Hair: Linsey, Gurl6
Shoes: Beige Real Toe Wedge Sandals, by J's Main Shop
Pose: SP_Victoria Beckham_8 Pose (Striking Poses)

Pink Feather Outfit: Kira, by Leezu
Hair (blonde up-do): Felicity, by Gurl6
Hair (auburn): Talita, by Hair Solutions
Shoes: Charlotte Black Low Boots, by INSOLENCE
Pose: KSCreations_Pose3-10

Grey Outfit including tights, Brocade Zahir, by Baistice
Hair: Ribbon Beach Blonde, by LeLutka
Shoes: Verve Black, by Maitreya
Pose: Mine

Pinstripe Pant outfit, Savile, by Sonatta Morales
Hair: MADesigns Hair, Alex, by Maddox Dupont
Shoes: Charlotte Black Low Boots, by INSOLENCE
Whip: T&E Whip of Fedelity, by Elen Repine
Pose: SP_Sarah Jessica Parker_7 Pose

Dances: Abranimations

Camera Work: Shaindaman Fiertze & Amariah Francis
Set Design and construction: Amariah Francis
Film Editing, etc: Amariah Francis