Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Releases! Mya and Paola!

Paola is a colorful release, as promised! 5 yummy bright colors, and classic black. This dress comes in all layers, the flexi skirt has two attachment points (wear them both for a nice full look), the colored dresses also come with nail polish that matches perfectly to the dress. The skirt has a top semi transparent toile layer with sparkles. The teal dress is what I wore in the Avenue issue for the "I Wanna Be a Celebrity" feature article. This dress was inspired by the necklace I am wearing in the vendor, **RS** Designs - Gem flowers multi-color necklace. I love this necklace and didn't have anything in my inventory that complimented it's beauty, so I made this dress collection pulling colors from the necklace.

I was on a roll so I decided to release this dress that I've had sitting in my inventory for awhile now. And while I was at it, why not do it in 5 pretty pastels?! LOL. This is a sexy sequin shift dress, available in white, blue, flesh, pink, and lavendar. As always, the clothing comes in all possible layers and the skirt prim is modify.

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