Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amariah Showing Fierce Model Moves

The idea behind this modeling music video is this. I love the catwalk and feel on top of the world. Walking smooth and composed, while my insides are dancing. Check it out!

Watch in High Def for all the pretty details!
Introducing Second Life Model: Amariah Francis
Details about the items used in the video are listed below, in the order they appear.

Black gown: Theresa Black gown, by Clio Cardiff
Necklace: Belle Amie, Your Heart in Mine, by Zanza Marx
Earings: Gift bling earings, by JCNY
Ring: Geneva Marquise, by JCNY
Hair: MADesigns Hair, Alex, by Maddox Dupont
Pose: SP_Sarah Jessica Parker_7 Pose (Striking Poses)

Leezu HansSolo Outfit, by Leezu Baxtor
Hair: Amy Jane in Dune, TRUTH
Shoes: Charlotte Black Low Boots, by INSOLENCE
Cane: Grandma Glitter Class cane, by Baiastice
Pose: 131-BB- standingstatic Pose (Baiastice)

Swimsuit: Boho Beach Babe, by Nicanor Millions
Hair: Linsey, Gurl6
Shoes: Beige Real Toe Wedge Sandals, by J's Main Shop
Pose: SP_Victoria Beckham_8 Pose (Striking Poses)

Pink Feather Outfit: Kira, by Leezu
Hair (blonde up-do): Felicity, by Gurl6
Hair (auburn): Talita, by Hair Solutions
Shoes: Charlotte Black Low Boots, by INSOLENCE
Pose: KSCreations_Pose3-10

Grey Outfit including tights, Brocade Zahir, by Baistice
Hair: Ribbon Beach Blonde, by LeLutka
Shoes: Verve Black, by Maitreya
Pose: Mine

Pinstripe Pant outfit, Savile, by Sonatta Morales
Hair: MADesigns Hair, Alex, by Maddox Dupont
Shoes: Charlotte Black Low Boots, by INSOLENCE
Whip: T&E Whip of Fedelity, by Elen Repine
Pose: SP_Sarah Jessica Parker_7 Pose

Dances: Abranimations

Camera Work: Shaindaman Fiertze & Amariah Francis
Set Design and construction: Amariah Francis
Film Editing, etc: Amariah Francis


  1. I wanted to do something like this ... how easy is it ? Can you possibly catch up with me in world ? Nice outfits and good moves you runway diva x

  2. LOL, thanks. :) OMG, this was so much work! I used Snapz Pro to capture the video and iMovie to edit it and put it to music. Both my RL/SL husband and I shot the footage, I was really impressed with the creativity of his camera work. It was fun though!!

  3. Okay now THAT was cool. Seriously...very cool!