Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Releases! New Dollarbie! A SALE! And a coming soon!

NEW release #1!

This is Absinthe, named after the green fairy, because it is delicate looking and flutters gracefully in the wind as you walk. It comes in 6 beautiful colors, shown above is a light green and navy blue. This dress also comes with 2 skirt options a tiered ruffle (shown in blue) and an asymmetrical version (shown in green). Comes in pink, purple, black, red, navy blue and green.

NEW release #2!

Next, I've added two new uniforms to Cheeralicious! Both are influenced by Saturday Night Live's famous and lovable Spartan cheerleaders! Available in both the male, Greg, version and the female, Arianna version. Uniforms come complete with basic tennis shoes.


I've also added a new dollarbie to the store and a whole new dollarbie section I plan on filling up! Terri is the newest addition to that area, it is a strapless pink ribbed terri cloth minidress!


The Missy skins and bodies are for sale for ALLOT less than they were! Skins are marked down to $120L each and the megapack with all of them is only $600! With this pricing you can get the entire pack for LESS than the regular price of one! The body pack is only $100L and includes 9 different full mod body shapes, this is a steal! The skin and body pack is now only $645! I'm not sure how long I'll keep these marked down this low, so if you like them get them now.

COMING SOON, sneak peak!

TELEPORT NOW! SLURL: Amariah Haute Couture

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Wanna Be a Celebrity- Episode 3 aires

This was the first episode where we saw someone leave from a challenge. This elimination was so difficult! We all were so sad!

Watch it in larger format here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Wanna Be a Celebrity- Episode 2 aires

This was a very tough Episode as you will see.

Watch it in larger format here.

I do want to clarify one thing. In what I said about Micha's store and fashions. This was a difficult task because I wanted to explain to the other contestants what I thought were his strengths and weaknesses, so we could make a good decision on who to vote off. His stuff is very impressive for one, and yes I did feel he was my biggest contender being that we both focused in on the fashion area of SL. My critique about the items that I bought was very sincere in saying he excelled at ideas and concepts but lacked in attention to detail, mainly seams. Specifically, the items I bought were done using the appearance sliders and not alpha channels, and most designers know that using the sliders will lead to very noticeable jagged edges. To Micha's defense allot of these seams were covered up by prim pieces, however not all, and yes I'm picky even about seams near my armpits. I still think his stuff is awesome and I still wear the items, jagged seams and all. :) I am serious when I say he has big ideas that are outside of the box, he is definitely a very creative person and someone I will watch for new releases. But if it were me, I would have taken the additional time and created an alpha layer on those items for nice clean seam, it's just me. My attention to detail does drive me insane at times but I am proud of what I release, and I slave over it until it is perfect zoomed in closer than anyone normally looks at it down to the single pixel. My expectations for fashion in SL are high only because I put allot of pressure on myself to release perfect items, and I expect that from other creators. None the less, I applaud Micha for his creativity and wish him the best in all he does.

Oh and I have to toot my horn for a bit here, I had given myself an extra challenge during the course of "Celebrity." The challenge I gave myself was to always be wearing something that I had made. Now, since when I started the show I only had 2 dresses in my store that was going to be difficult if I made it past week 2, which you all just saw I did. So I spent the week up to the episode brainstorming and slaving over an outfit clear up until show time almost. Yes it does take me that long to finish a creation. I know I'm slow, but I'm also extremely detail oriented. So be watching for what I'm wearing, in episode 1 I'm wearing Cemi, week 2 I wore Mist . . . and after that, well I can't say ;) just keep watching and then teleport to my store if you see something you like!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Wanna Be a Celebrity- Series Premiere Episode!

I am so extremely excited about the first episode of this reality series that I was a contestant on! Words cannot express how happy I am to have been a part of this show. Everyone involved was awesome . . . from the sexy camera men (lol yes! oh guess I better say women too) to the eloquent hostess, Trinity Serpentine, from my fellow contestants to the producers,absolutely everyone was wonderful and a delight to work with! I couldn't be more proud to show this off! The picture above is taken behind the scenes while we waited in the lobby to go in front of the firing squad, oh I mean the judges for our interviews. :) It's been a wild ride and definitely one I'm glad I did! Woot!

Watch it in larger format here.